our method

the wood-fired portable
scratch kitchen

…Food—good food has healing power. There is magic in sharing that kind of meal. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have created an EXPERIENCE. One that we’ll never forget.
— Mike & Emily, happy couple

The idea is simple: Make catering taste better.
No more bland, disappointing catering experiences. We do things differently. At each event, we build a kitchen and do the cooking onsite over a roaring fire. The process, though laborious, provides ritual, color, fragrance, and face. Soon after, the air fills with the lovely aromas of a truly special meal and that sweet smoke from MN oak and maplewood. Flavors are building, you know something good is happening and soon it is all going to belong to you and your tummy. With us there is no pre-cooked food, trucked over by an underpaid employee. We send professionals that we proudly pay a dignified wage. The yield of these details is superior, special food, and a free fire to come warm up around.

We aim to provide you with a menu that aligns with your specific tastes. Instead of boxing ourselves into one particular food genre, we take our eclectic professional culinary experience and craft a menu that is as varied as it is delicious. An Americana soul food feast? Whole hog bbq? Paella? Pizza cookout? Patagonian grill out? Vegan, vegetarian or gluten free? Our flexibility is another strength that sets us apart from other caterers. Even if you don’t need the portable wood-fired kitchen and just want a private meal cooked for a small group, we will gladly accommodate your wishes. Either way, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have enjoyed a truly unique experience…Request a quote.

Irons in the Fire catered our outdoor wedding and it was a fantastic experience - incredible, beautiful, creative food prepared on site
— Crystal, happy bride.

Footage from a real gig in Decorah, Iowa, Summer 2018. Footage shot by Guy Wagner. Edited by Tyler Hudson.